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Summer. Who doesn't look forward to that, right? The ring of the bell on the last day of school, the satisfying final slam of lockers right before walking out of the front doors. It's on nearly every students mind by the end of the second day of school. As much as I love not having to wake up at 6:00 every morning, I can't help but feel stressed during the summer. I want to relax but I don't want to waste my summer. I also don't want to have my summer so jam packed that I don't have time to live in the moment. So now, after 9 hopeless summers of trying to plan things just right, I think I can say I might just have the perfect summer. I already went on the cruise of my life/meeting new people and learning new things. It was truly an amazing way to start of my summer. And of course, how could I go a whole summer without music? The next trip that is planned is a saxophone camp at Stetson university. I do have to say though, I am most excited about my trip to Nashville. Recording some of my original songs in an actual studio has always been a major goal of mine, and this summer, it's finally coming true. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'll look back on this summer and wish I had planned more, or maybe less. But right now, I really do think this might be the perfect summer.

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